Bucci Resturant

James Street, New Farm

This project incorporated:

14 metre long multy angle feature walls.

6 metres of storage.

Laminated bar leaner.

Shadow lines.

Allowances for led strip lighting.

This project started off being more involved as the client wanted multi angled and tapering cupboard doors. After making two prototypes on a smaller scale we realised how challenging this would be to accomplish, so they agreed to remove the tapered element, allowing the project  to complete on time and budget. Allowances were made for subsequent jobs including floating blackboards & shelving.

Client: Mike and Diana Wills.

Designer: Lindy Kaupa.

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Gail Sorronda

​James Street, New Farm

This project incorporated:

600 linial meter plasterboard feature wall.

12 metre EcoPanel ceiling

Gail Sorronda was a collaberative effort between Remo Vallance, the architect Aidan Martin and Josh Newbury.  The initial design had to be modified due to budget restraints and the 12 metre seemless  gloss black ceiling was very challenging for the budget so they were happy to go with using Eco Panel with good accoustic properties.

The 600 linial meter plasterboard feature wall had to be all individually marked out using a lazer level. A challenging project due to budget and time but executed professionally on budget.

Client: Gail Sorronda

Designer: Adian Martin

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Mundo Restaurant


​This project incorporated:

15 metre Bar front

15 metre suspended Wine Rack

Back Bar wine & spirit displays​

Mundo is a brazillian restaurant using the traditional ways of chargrilling meats. They needed an interesting rustic warm feeling to the front bar. Working with Phil Kosis, the designer  we came up with the random recycled stacked hardwood timber with a bees waxed finish. Comprising of 588 pieces of hardwood and ply backing, this was assembled onsite as a 15 meter long jig saw. The suspended wine rack was made from stained ply with recycled timber edges. Holes were drilled in the top of the wine boxes to allow light to shine through. Large timber supports in the ceiling were added for strengthening.


Designer:  Phil Kosis.

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James Street, New Farm


Working closely with Ronan Moss, the architect on this project, several elements had to be designed as we went. For example the exterior cladding, the full length door and the counter. Three samples for the cladding were produced with the 'boat deck' style chosen as it matched in with the 'shipping container' ascetics of the building. 58 tubes of black Sikiflex were used to create this look and then a natural bees wax finish to treat the timber. Certain aspects of this building had to be designed strong enough to support the planted rooftop garden, designed and installed by Johnathon Crealy from plant up!

The joinery backboard units were printed by Toshi.

Client: Caitlain & John Arbour

Designer: Ronan Moss

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